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Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow these steps when you process the order:

1. Sign in.

2 - Choose the products you want and add them to the shopping bag.

3 Perform the verification.

4 Pay for the order

5 Receive confirmation

6 The order will be delivered to your doorstep

1. Unpaid order: It will be automatically canceled by the system after half an hour without payment.

2. Application Problems: The order will be canceled if communication fails to confirm your address and data.

3. Payment method upon receipt: The orders will be canceled if there are problems in communication until the order is confirmed Within 3 days

4. Quantity: The order will be canceled if the stock is ended.

No order: Please edit your address through your account - Edit profile

Order preparation: Please contact customer service to change the address (country cannot be modified)

Charged order: The shipping address cannot be modified

Note: Please make sure the shipping address before you carry out.

At the order preparation stage. Some pieces have been out due to the sale of all available quantity and the system needs time to update the available quantity on the site, will then be canceled from your order and deleted from the invoice, please do not worry.

Orders by cash on delivery:

A piece of order is unavailable: the item will be deleted and its value deleted from the order invoice

Full Order Not Available: The application will be canceled completely and you will need to re-order it

Prepaid orders:

A piece of order is unavailable: the item will be deleted and returned to the way it was paid the demand

Full Order Not Available: The application will be canceled full and refunded to the way the order was paid, the return process amount you need from 8 to 15 working days

The sizes are often different because the products come from multiple countries and please check the measurement according to Centimeter or Inch.

Please check the size information in the «Size Guide» in the product page if you wish to resize to what you are familiar with, please click on the «Size Guide».

The shipping process depends on where the shipment should be sent:
Shipping time: 1-2 business days
Processing time: 1-2 working days
Processing time of publications: as agreed

Check it out in your account by following these steps:

Sign in and click My account - My order.

If the order is in normal shipping, please wait or contact the shipping company via service Customers.

Note: Please focus on the shipping information in my account.

Sometimes "requests outside of Kuwait" will have to pay VAT or any Other taxes, such as customs duties or duties imposed by the State to which the goods are sent.

1. Please be aware that you do not have any authority over these fees and cannot predict the value, but Our marketing department will reduce the declared value to reduce the taxes.

2. There is a significant difference in customs and tax policies between countries.

3. In cases requiring customs clearance, this may cause a delay in the expected time of delivery the demand.

Shipping charges depend entirely on the destination to be delivered and the value of the order. For more details:

1- Under KD 20, shipping within Kuwait, KD 2.

2 - Above 20 KD, shipping inside Kuwait, free of charge.

shipping team may request your ID card as proof to be able to deliver your order, please show it to them.

Returns are usually made within 3 days after receipt of the returned items and return the amount to the original account However, the return period depends on the payment method and the client bank.

- Payment by card: 8-15 working days.

-  Payment by Cash on delivery The amount will be returned directly to your account «My orders, in al warraq application)) Or you can provide us with a bank account, which is the only way to transfer your balance when you use the method of payment COD, and this process takes 3-7 days.

1. Check whether there are separate parts for your package.

A - If the order is paid in a different way other than the payment COD: the amount will be returned to Credit card

B - Requests for payment cash on delivery: The item is deducted from the total value of the order before the order is shipped, please check details in your order.

Except for the above cases, please follow these steps:

1) Apply the return steps electronically.

2) Capture clear images of the problem.

3) Upload the images to the return application boxes.

4) The request will be checked and satisfactory solution submitted.

Note: Implementing the return steps electronically is the primary means of dealing with this problem.

I want a return policy

Currently, we cannot provide our customers with a return policy, and the return costs will be borne by the customer and we will refund the amount as the case is provided by us Invoice. If you want to return, you can choose another shipping company or by local mail so no It costs a lot to ship.

1- Please first contact with our customer service.

2 - Capture clear images of the pieces.

3. Load images while applying the return steps.

4- The return steps will be verified and satisfactory solutions provided.

NOTE: Implementing the return steps electronically is the primary key to handling this problem.

Read terms and condition

1. Alwarraq is Based in Kuwait.

2. All products are available or we will make it available in Kuwait.

3. Products from different countries and companies.

All the products pictures shown in your books are realistic stationery and match the actual products. You can check the comments of customers available on products to check this.